We are dedicated to providing tax services to global clientele across all industries. Caroprese’s tax accountants leverage leading technologies to assist our clients with their tax compliance needs and we regularly advise clients on the tax aspects of corporate reorganizations, acquisitions, spin-offs and other  dispositions, financings, and restructurings.

Our clients face complex domestic and international tax challenges throughout their lifecycle, tax considerations often determine the form and viability of current business operations and proposed transactions. Caroprese’s tax professionals work together alongside our clients to navigate the ever-increasing complexity of today’s global tax landscape.

With Caroprese, our clients have a proven partner who can manage strategic tax issues, the complexities of compliance, changing legislation and  everything else tax-related that can affect businesses in very significant ways.

How you handle certain tax questions now can have a profound impact on your future profitability and valuation. Our clients leverage our expertise to ensure they are in the best position possible.

Core Industries Served

  • Hedge Funds
  • Fund of Funds
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • High Tech Startups
  • Real Estate
  • Consumer Products
  • Hospitality
  • Health & Fitness
  • Food & Beverage

Services Provided

Tax Credits and Incentives

  • We help companies identify valuable tax credits and incentives with a focus on R&D, workforce development, rehabilitation and business expansion.
  • Our tax credit and business incentive leaders understand the vast market for tax credits, incentives and grants. We leverage a proven process, leadership in tax and project finance and innovative technology to help our clients secure access to the large pool of federal and state incentives each year.

Restructuring and Tax Planning

  • We identify tax-efficient ways to operate an existing business or integrate a target following an equity or asset acquisition.
  • We assist with planning for efficient utilization of key tax attributes such as net operating losses.
  • Our tax experts advise our clients with complex debt restructuring, recapitalizations and other corporate transactions including the determination of taxability of corporate dividends. We help our clients achieve the most tax-efficient outcomes for their unique situations.

State Income Tax Return Preparation

  • We analyze nexus and current in-state activities to determine filing requirements across all fifty states, including income sourcing and the apportionment of revenues.
  • We prepare state income tax returns, estimates, extensions and annual returns.

Dispute Resolution and Audit Support

  • We assist with reviewing and responding to information requests from taxing authorities, preparing relevant documentation and managing the overall audit process.
  • We will respond effectively on your behalf to help minimize penalties and interests costs.

U.S. Inbound Investment Planning

  • We address potential tax implications of U.S. inbound investments by businesses looking to expand into the U.S.
  • We assist foreign-owned businesses with the preparation of U.S. federal, state and local tax returns.

Tax Research, Scenario Analysis and Modeling

  • We help our clients obtain clarity regarding tax positions by researching various complex business topics.
  • We advise clients regarding cash tax expenses for purposes of business planning, forecasting and financial modeling.

Tax Due Diligence

  • We help clients uncover potential risks and liabilities when making an asset or stock acquisition.
  • We also help our clients efficiently structure their acquisitions for tax purposes that can add value and return on investment.

Federal Income Tax Compliance

  • Our clients rely on us for our proven tax knowledge and expertise.
  • Our tax experts have advanced backgrounds and understand the complexities of computing earnings and profits.

State and Local Sales and Use Tax Compliance

  • This includes sales and use tax computation services, tax return preparation and remittance.

Accounting for Income Taxes

  • We solve your tax provision problems with efficiency and accuracy.

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